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I am a new seller. I send buyer requests regularly but no buyer is knocking me. How can I get my first order? Experienced please advise me.


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Perhaps you are not effectively appealing to the needs of those buyers. Or, perhaps you many competitors are doing better than you at winning the job. There is no guarantee that you will gain any orders, just because you send offers in the buyer request section.

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1 hour ago, lumigrowth said:

hmm i think is the way you create your offer, try to explain more about how you will get the project done when creating an offer to buyer request.
Don't stop trying bro grinding don't stop we all gonna make it 

No, the harsh reality is that many new sellers will never be successful. No matter how hard they try.

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As a website designer myself, you're working in a niche that is highly competitive.  Therefore what you offer needs to stand out and make an impression.  I notice that on some of your gigs your FAQs are hard to understand yet your profile suggests that you scored well in the English language tests.


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You should also ensure that your gig titles make sense.  Don't keyword stuff for the sake of it. If you do this the titles become hard to understand. 

Rather than replying to buyer requests 10 times a day  concentrate on your profile.  Work hard and try to win gigs by being the best at what you do.  Ignore the advise that tells you to constantly submit requests, it becomes unproductive if buyers are looking at your profile and bouncing back out as the content is poor. 

Hard work drives the best results.  there are loads of great sellers on here that got to where they are by knuckling down and putting the hours in.  I would be very surprised if they got to the top buy replying to every buyer request and staying online for 24 hours a day, which incidentally is the worst advise you can be given



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