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Voice Over section suggestion


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I cannot underestimate how much I loathe coming here to search for VO talents...


About 95% of profiles have previews that sound the exact same, like a radio advertisement or have music in the background clouding out my ability to determine the quality of the actual product I'm looking for. As a consequence I've paid for four or five VOs that I never used. It takes hours on end each time I'm on here to find what I'm looking for, that's not an exaggeration, because there's so many decent VO artists catering towards the same contrived client I suppose.


Why not have VO artists tag their own previews with specifics and then allow customers to search for what they want without being presented with a lake of what they don't want. For example, lemme uncheck ever hearing cheery music in the back of a sample ever again, show the specific types of examples I'm looking for. So if I'm searching for a podcast voice or a dramatic narration, show those kind of audio previews and not the five different generic radio ads on the same users' profile who has the podcast or dramatic narration voice.


In addition to sorting profiles, sort previews is what I'm saying.



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