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Interesting seller or buyer statistics


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For anyone who doesn’t know already, Fiverr collects 1 buck on every order, thus making you earn 4 (and not 5). Since I’ve joined Fiverr, I’ve been always keeping track of orders, buyers, money, cancellations, bad buyers, everything that could fit inside Excel worksheets 😃

So, after almost 3 years, I see that I’ve lost a total of 400 bucks on withdrawal fees (everytime you withdraw your money, a small part of it goes to paypal I guess, or maybe to fiverr again? I guess I should withdraw less often).

And the top 5 reasons why I end up cancelling some of my orders are:

  1. buyer failed to give the full info requested in the instructions and never responded back in time (or kept on giving the same incomplete / non-sense response)
  2. buyer didn’t read the title of what he’s ordering and wanted something totally different, although the gig’s title clearly said what I was going to offer him/her (how can someone ask for logos if you provide seo reports?! GOD!)
  3. buyer ordered by mistake (e.g., “please cancel, this is a mistake”, or just “please cancel”, or even worse: “I just wanted to see how this works” - OMG!)
  4. buyer wanted so much more than I had to offer (it’s 5 bucks, and they want me to spend a month working for that money?!)
  5. other reasons (either I cancelled because the buyer gave me adult sites to work with, or fiverr blocked the buyer’s messages over and over again no matter what he would say - their blocking filter is really flawed sometimes!)

    Do you have some interesting statistics to share with us? 😃
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