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Status Bar or something that we Sellers can use to share updates

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What do you guys think about having a Status Bar or something that we Sellers can use for share updates about the order status or something in general, like “internet Connection Issues, We’ll fix this ASAP” so, people can know why we can’t deliver on time or communicate with them, in a specific case this is. Last time I had an internet connection issue and I couldn’t communicate with my customers to let them know what was going on, this made all kinds of problems and I really do not want this happened again. If I’d have like a status bar to show updates for specific cases or general things, i think we could give better customer service, which personally I am into this more than others. So, what do you guys think about this? Is it a good or idea? How can we make it better?

Thanks Guys


Sheriff’s note: next time, please, try not to post the very same content 4 times. Thank you.

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