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Buyer scamming? Incomplete requirements? Weird revisions? Help pls.


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So I am new as seller on fiverr, tho I have 15 years in real life with my studio. I have 15 orders complete all with 5 stars and ratings 100%. 
Now I got this hiphop client that is acting pretty weird:

He asked for lots of discount, wanted the lowest price of $5, and to pay $15 for 5 songs. I am offering $5 for small jobs, with 2 to 5 tracks only so I can do it fast just for reviews basically. The other options are $15 and $20 for more complex work, to farm reviews as well. After some discussion I accepted 5 songs for the price of 4, $20 total, with small tracks. He then asked for a custom order because he didnt wanted to purchase the 4x the gig of $5 because, he didnt wanted to pay fees. After some discussion I did the custom order, again. Then he started with some pretty cold and off feedbacks of the work "Not it bro, need more EQ" (??? what need more EQ? The mix? The vocal? The backingtrack?) without being specific. I wanted to finish the first song to use it as base for the other 4 but this snow ball of revisions started, and I was not able to complete (as he liked) the first one.

In the requirements section I ask for the BPM, reference track and files, he provided none. In the chat he provided links to download the multitracks (files for me to work on) of 3 songs only, instead of 5. After 5 days of back and forth between the first 2 songs (up to 8 remixes per song already) I did the third one and he replied that I was supposed to delete it, because he need to rerecord it  (???). So its 2 songs provided out of the 5 (maybe?). His english is pretty bad and hard to understand and the requests most of the times are very off, like not even him know what he is asking exactly to do in the mix. I wont get technical here, but his behaviour in music production language is almost psychotic. Some pretty weird requests and contradictory. 

I asked for the other songs and he ignored. I asked as well for the reference track, he said had none. First client ever that answers that to me (who doesnt know at least 1 song/artist to provide as a reference?). Then the asked to use the personal chat instead of the orders chat saying that he had trouble accessing it (???).

The instrumental (the hiphop beat) was provided as only 1 stereo file, already premixed and premastered, downloaded from you tube, in mp3, distorted. He complains that its not punchy enough in the mix even after using thousands of dollars of high end analog compressor on it, sucking everything there is of it. It's not realistic to sound like the pros that invest thousands if not millions in a production, by paying $4 and providing a clipped mp3. Still... Complaining, all the time, about everything.

I have worked with hiphop in the past, never had any issue with it and all my clients were super satisfied, usually they ask for zero revisions, or only 1. With this guy I'm still stuck in the first song of only 3 tracks, going to the 9 revision (surreal). So this situation is very strange to me, it doesn't look like he is just a unsatisfied client, its pretty chaotic and weird.

Anyway 5 days out of the 7 days have passed and I have less than 2 days now. None of the mixes from the first 2 songs were accepted or had any positive feedback at all about anything and I have no clue about the files of the 3, 4 and 5th song. I smell a 1 star coming by his behaviour or some kind of scam. Maybe he is farming problems to force an order cancellation? That could explain why he wanted to talk outside of the order chat maybe (but why only after the mix of the first song?).

I don't want to cancel the order and have a negative hit on my ratings for 60 days. I don't want to risk a 1 star review by getting this guy angry as well, if his mind is not working properly. What should I do? I am feeling a pretty bad energy coming from this guy. I'm unease with the way he talks and behaves since the beginning, it's like I'm being trolled.

is there any way for me to resolve this without getting my rating damaged? Tips? I'm out of time, don't want to sit and wait to see how this story is going to end.






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On 8/3/2022 at 10:05 AM, amentinistudio said:

is there any way for me to resolve this without getting my rating damaged?

the only way of resolving this without affecting your account is to ask support to cancel the order without affecting your stats , you will lose the money though , other than that is work on what the buyer said and risk to get a bad review ... in this case if he has bad intentions and knows how the system works he might leave a 1 star review and even cancel the order after that , he can do a chargeback .. it happened many times  . 

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