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Love letter to the Captain


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So every time my friends happen to be there when I work on my clothesline gig,

they usually say "Hey, can I make one too."

I guess the kiddish-crafty stuff about it makes them want to try it.

Usually they create weird messages like I like beer, I hate my boss, stuff like that.

Last night my friend drops by and sees what I was doing, she says she wanted to

make one, I tell her go ahead, and this is what she came up with. ( see photo)

I made the mistake of asking "Who the heck is Steve Rogers?"

OK, I saw the Avengers movie. I did.

But most of the characters were calling him “Captain” and not by his real name.

However, thanks to my friend telling me 50 times "His name is STEVE ROGERS!!!"

I will NEVER forget this name. 😛

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