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Gig Paid for, but isn't showing up


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Were there any buyer instructions with the gig? Even if you discussed the order ahead of time with the seller, if you see a box with instructions (for example, an address for something that needs to be mailed, a script for a voiceover gig, a topic for an article, etc) you must respond in some way to start the order. Otherwise it stays “open” and the clock never starts.

Click on “Shopping” on your top dashboard. Try opening the different category filters from the drop-down menu (“active” “cancelled” “missing details”, etc) to see if the order shows up there. That will tell you more about what happened, too, if it’s there. (If the seller cancelled it for some reason, you’ll find it there under “cancelled” and your account should be credited the amount).

Possibly there is a problem with the seller’s account. Have you contacted the seller to find out if he/she was notified of your purchase? What is the order status for the seller? (“open” would be as I discussed, above, “active” would mean the clock is counting down and the seller has been notified & should be working on it). If you haven’t done so yet, contact the seller.

If you do all those things, the seller doesn’t have an order from you and you definitely didn’t get the amount credited to your Fiverr account, then you may need to file a report with customer support. Normally they need an order number (starts with #FO…), but since you may not have one, give them the Paypal transaction information including the date & time to help them figure out what happened.

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