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How do I increase my sales ? .I'm new in Fiverr


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When I started out, I had the same problem. I tried out the following and they brought in sales.

  1. Try matching your gig title and description perfectly to what you’re offering.
  2. Reduce the number of days to deliver - faster delivery dates.
  3. Offer a simple gift of any kind to encourage people to buy (Ex: 2 for 1 offers)
  4. Videos really help - create your own video for gigs. This really worked out for me.

    Good luck 🙂
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Guest joethorn

Getting going is one of the hardest things to do. When I started out, I became so sick of having 0 orders I started writing TEN full articles for $5, just to get some orders.

I’m not sure if you can offer any bonuses to the first 10 people who buy?

Your gig description could use a little work too. It’s not bad, I just don’t get the urge to buy from reading it.

Better pictures will help, as mentioned. Again, yours don’t catch my eye.

Hope you start selling soon!

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Market your products on all forms of social media

Show some of your previous work to buyers

offer additional services for free and highlight them in the description section

It does usually take some time to get noticed on fiverr now since there are thousands of sellers who are providing the same service

do some market research

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answer for your question is "PATIENCE"

i am just 1 month old on fiverr and made 6SALES this week!

just thing i did was :

tried lost of gigs but nothing helped

do one thing, go through best sellers & check their post descriptions and content they create… you will get to know how to look professional so that buyer can trust your ID and can order something from you… just be polite… and check buyers request in sales section daily 🙂 these helps a lot…

you can check my profile for info and research

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Guest celticmoon

Reply to @kjblynx: Wow! You scared @deepakranakoti right off the site, just with the power of your stern words~!

Maybe you can sell it as a gig~ 😉 (“I will speak stern words at anyone you designate for $5”)

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Get an awesome image, provide proper description matching with your image, keep posting on fiverr forum, offer unique products, use social medias like fb,twitter,pinterest,instagram,stumble upon for the product promotion…

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What you should do is find a service that is in high demand and which few people are offering on fiverr and put a gig in that service. You will see orders coming sonner than you expected.

Then take a little basic training on that service so you can deliver.

For example, as you’re into writing and translation, you can put up a gig in copywriting and sales letter writing as very many people are looking for sellers who provide copywriting services.

That was what I did when I started out here on fiverr.

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This discussion has convinced me that advertising through other media routes is the way forward. I just don’t think people know what’s out there unless you place it in front of them. Twitter with its keywords search and Facebook for people you know seem to be the preferred routes. Does anyone else have any suggestions for social media advertising?

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