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Hi, I have been working on Fiverr for last Two month and I have worked very hard to bring my Gig on the second page on Fiverr but I am not getting a single order. Can anybody help me what is the problem? Thanks


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1 hour ago, zainjutt628 said:

Your gig placement in search is based on your performance and the relevancy Fiverr thinks it has to each individual search made. In other words, your placement will change all the time, depending on these things. You might see yourself on page two, someone else might see you on page 50. 

One thing I would consider to avoid being dumped in the search results, is increasing your rate. Fiverr prefers higher priced gigs. 

When I search for "lyric music video", hardly 4-5 gigs are priced at five bucks. The rest is 10, 20 30 or even more. The algorithm prefers to sell a gig for 20 if it can, instead of a gig for a measly five dollars. 

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