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Modification Requests Minutes before Gig Ends - Happened to you?


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Has anyone had this happen?

The buyer requests a modification only minutes before the gigs time is up. You find your self unable to redeliver within those few minutes (might be away from pc or whatever) so your gig shows up as L-A-T-E.

You are able to redeliver soon after but you see “LATE” and wonder if this has wrecked your fiverr rankings.

Anyone know if a situation like this effects rankings?

What is the best course of action?

Would you have to tell Fiverr support so you get a fair go in your rankings?

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This is an interesting question, because I just went through a similar case… but from the Buyer’s side.

The Seller delivered “Very Late”.

(Up until now, I have NEVER seen that… but he was SO late, that Fiverr actually posted VL on the order page and virtually begged me to Cancel!)

However, I knew WHY he was late… and I had already told him “Don’t sweat it”.


Unfortunately, he kept pushing the delivery date further and further…


Anyways, he FINALLY managed to deliver the gig. After some back & forth about problems with his delivered quality… it finally came time for me to “complete” the gig and of course, rate him.

Since he had done a very good job (but very late)… and since I was forced to use the Stupid Star system… I just gave him 5 stars across-the-board.

The end result? His excellent rating didn’t suffer at all, despite the Fiverr system screaming “Very Late” on the order page!

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