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The buyer told me about the script after recording it

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Recently, I was asked to write a script about mystery-related subjects. I informed the person I would share a 200-piece free sample with them so they could get an idea of my writing style. However, he immediately placed the order after a short while. (Even though my exam was the next day, I had to finish this file now.)
I followed his instructions and included as much detail as I could in the document. I made sure to do my absolute best. Then the request for the changes was made 5–6 times regarding the text format(without clicking the revision tab) and I accomplished it as well. He texted me about the adjustments after the order was finally marked as done after 24 hours. I told him that even though the order had been marked, he may still let me know about any adjustments if he wanted.
He complained that he had to make the adjustments himself because my script was boring. Then he claimed that he has now recorded the video for it when I asked him to let me know if there was anything that needed to be modified so that I could assist him.
What should I do next?
He could have told me before recording it if the writing wasn't perfect, right? He could have noticed it too before placing any orders when I was eager to provide the free sample based on his requested topic. Finally, he may have seen numerous examples of the same niche that are presented in my gallery. 

What should I do now?

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