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Which one is the top selling category on Fiverr?


Which one is the top selling category on Fiverr?  

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  1. 1. Which one is the top selling category on Fiverr?

    • Website UI UX Design
    • SEO
    • Digital Marketing
    • Content Writing
    • Video Editing
    • Logo Design

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Logo Design probably has probably received the most orders since Fiverr began. But that doesn't mean that it's the subcategory that earns the most. It's the category with the most gigs, but that also means it has the most competition. I really don't think that the average gig in that subcategory will get the most orders per month compared to all other subcategories.

But the poll isn't that clear about whether you mean top selling in $ amount or top selling according to number orders. Though Fiverr doesn't really give info on the ones that sell the most. Though occasionally they give a bit of info on it. I think book design might be one of the top ones in that the average gig seems to get quite a lot of orders (but even if it was the best - which I don't know - that wouldn't mean it was the best earning one).

If you go to "Trending" near the top right of the Fiverr page that gives the trending subcategories, which might help in deciding which gigs to create.

In Fiverr's Q1 2022 shareholder letter they give some clues about what may be high earning subcategories (or those that get a high amount of orders). The say:


During the first quarter, we saw gaming related categories, such as game art or game development, continue to grow at a
formidable pace. Content categories such as illustration and video editing continue to be strong contributors to the overall
marketplace. And lastly, categories that were soft during COVID, such as resume writing and travel listings, are on the upswing

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