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How do I extend an order without it impacting my score?

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Hello, I remember there used to be a way to extend your current order by offering an extra for $0 and x days, but now that needs to add at minimum $5. My client is on vacation and can't communicate to me right now about the product I'm sending back and forth for his approval, and the deadline is in a few days. How do I make more days as a safety net without getting any consequences on my end? Thanks

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Hi @sysleeper256,

You can extend your current order to a maximum of 29 days by using the Resolution Center. This will add however many days you need without adding additional cost, like you would if you added a gig extra:


However, if you can't contact your buyer, AND if the buyer doesn't accept your request to extend in 2 days, then the order will be marked as late. I suggest you contact Customer Support to help you in this situation.

I was faced with a similar situation and ended up canceling (without it affecting my seller stats) because I did not want a "late" on my record. My experience is below:



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