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what should i do now ?


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Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011028318-Managing-your-Gigs?segment=seller and https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4599361153809-Cant-find-your-Gig?segment=seller

Fiverr gives new gigs a chance. Fiverr only makes money if you make money. If you can't capitalize on the opportunity Fiverr gives, why would they continue to put your gig in a spot where a profitable gig would be better? PLUS, yours isn't the only new gig. New gigs are being created every day. You have competition.


^ (And those numbers were from over a year ago.)

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18 hours ago, wpexpert_mdrony said:

Very good impressions and very good clicks will come. Since then, no messages, no impressions, no clicks, But why ?

If the messages and clicks you get don't result in sales, why would Fiverr keep showing your gig to buyers? It makes more sense to show them something they're actually going to buy.

Fiverr doesn't exist to make you money. They want to make money for themselves, and if you're unable to land a sale, the attention will be given to someone else.

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You have tons of impressions. But little to no clicks. It means people are seeing this, but not compelled to take a detailed look at your gigs. Fiverrs part in this is done. 

What you should do is to improve how your gig looks like. Find or make(greater if you make) better pictures for your galleries, improve your titles etc. Try to stand out. Take a look at what others are doing and do better. 

My personal view is that none of the things you wrote looks complete. Sentences are half done, lack of capital letters, too many software names might be unnescessary. Most of the pictures look the same.

Maybe find a designer who understands marketing and take their opinions.

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On 7/30/2022 at 1:11 AM, wpexpert_mdrony said:

but no order what should i do now ?

  1. your gig titles are too long and get redacted. so the first step would be to shorten them. 
  2. if editing the titles doesn't fix the CTR, edit the gig image and try different styles on different gigs. 

at least...

it takes a while before you can create the perfect gig. so take it as a learning experience and don't let it discourage you. keep up the great work. 

cheers! 🎇

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