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Multiple accounts on same ip address



Hey I hope you all will be doing great,
I have a question, if someone can help me i will be thankful to you.
So i want to know can we use two accounts on same Internet connection like on same address.
Actually I am working on fiverr from more then one year. My brother also started working on fiverr. we have one internet connection. 
So let me know, we can use it or we have to separate our internet connections.
My account is level One and i am a graphics designer. 
My brother have new account and he also have different category of work.

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In theory it seems ok, but you shouldn't do any of this without talking with customer support first. You need to receive a greenlight from them before you do anything. Otherwise you can easily get banned randomly from stuff like this. 

So, go to customer support, explain the situation and see what they reply. We are only sellers, and we can also share our opinion here, we can't really take any decision. Go to CS and then you can come back and let others know what happened. 

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