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How small is the world

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I have two, of sorts.

In college, I was living in City A about a five hour drive from my home town of City B.  
One weekend, myself and some college buddies decide to drive from City A to City C which has a very large shopping district.  
On that same weekend, some of my home town buddies had independently also decided to drive to City C from City B.  
City C is not halfway between A and C. My college buddies and I drove three hours south, my hometown buddies drove three hours west.  
We ran into each other in one of the malls. 
One time, while working in the call centers after college, I got a job in another city at another call center at higher pay.  
I put in my two week notice about two hours before the end of my shift.
When I got home, I called my mom to tell her I was moving out of province for work.
She already knew.
One of my co-workers got off shift before me, got to his home, and mentioned that I (his friend) was leaving, to his mother.
His mother then went to work for the start of her shift at a local factory, which was also where my mother worked, and she was getting off her shift. They met at the shift change.
His mother commiserated to my mother about having a son move away, catching my mom off guard.
The rumour mill beat the telephone. That's the kind of area I live in.

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I know in person the ex europe champion of car races and a VFX artist working for the studio that make Game Of Throne because they both have the same illness as me and this is the champion who made me in contact with the VFX artist who give me tips and tricks about 3D and compositing since we work in the same job but not same specialisation.
I don't know if it really answers right about the topic 😄

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