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Hello, so i have recently delivierd a few gigs with a sample picture of the work that i have done, and the pictures that i have added have consisted of a few images put together, an example of this would be down below (Note that this spesific picture doesnt have anything to do with my gigs, nor is something that i have delivered, purely an example)


But the problem with these types of samples, is that it wont show up in my gig photos like the normal pictures that are taken (examples below aswell)

Am i doing someting wrong or does fiverr simply not want me to show my delivery samples as good as possible? 😄


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@totempower, I often deliver pictures with my order that are collages of images too. If you want the images to look exactly like your gig gallery images, the images have to be the same dimensions as the gig gallery images. 

The way I do this is by dropping all my pictures onto a PowerPoint slide (16:9 widescreen in size), and then I save the slide as a JPEG. That size makes my Live Portfolio image exactly the same size as the gig gallery images. You can see on my gig gallery that some of the images look like yours - that's when I was too lazy to put the screenshots onto a PowerPoint slide. 😅

Please try this trick out ... it should work for you!

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