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Dealing with Fiverr's Inbox Issue From New Buyers


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I hope this helps another seller who may have experienced this.

For a few months, I found that sometimes, my new buyer's messages disappear from my inbox, due to the limited number of messages that display in one time. It does not really disappear. It just falls off the number of messages waiting for me to read or answer. I receive a lot of messages from new, existing, and return buyers and they push down the new unanswered messages. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to respond to messages. I can check my email to see when they come in, but then the emails from existing buyers also crowd my gmail. This may be my fault, but as a TRS, I do my best to keep response rate at 100% and freak out when I see it anything lower.

The inbox has the unread filter, but if you accidentally read a message from a buyer and forgot to respond, so it would be nice if there was an Unanswered filter in addition to the the Unread filter.

One way I finally solved this issue and now no longer have this issue is to use IFTTT (If this then that) to catch my Fiverr inbox messages and put them into a Google Spreadsheet. I then use the Data->Data Cleanup->Remove Duplicates menu item to read all the emails.

If anyone has an IFTTT account and wants the applet to put your Fiverr inbox messages from buyers into Google Sheets, let me know. I check this spreadsheet twice a day and then delete the row once I answered the email.


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