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I have lost my gig from the search results since 3-4 months. From then I have tried so much hard and satisfied many of my clients and got positive feedback but I am still facing the problem that my gig does not come in search results for my key word "real estate logo" even on all 20 pages of the search, each time I try. I have tried using filters (local sellers, online sellers,, etc.) but I never found my gig in search. Please help me through this and make my gig visible please.


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shiblee696 I have already checked that, the gig status is active. Just disappeared from search (not even on 20th page of the search results) and only found (on last pages) when I use filters like online sellers + Local sellers + 3D Logo etc. Its been 4 months and in the mean time I have completed more than 30+ orders that I have received through buyer requests or repeated customers and got positive feedback. All of credentials/ratings are 100% but still there is no sign of gig visibility. And during this span each time I contacted with Fiverr Support they just say gig rotation is automatic process. Do help me if anyone have solution to this problem please. Thanks in advance. 

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