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Important Tip for singers and their gigs


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I am a music producer and this week I have been looking here on fiverr for a singer for a specific project I am working on. Its been very frustrating because I have noticed that most of you singers out there are including a 15-30 second intro before we can actually hear your voice. I literally skipped a couple of gigs because I was like 30sec into the song and I still did not hear the singer's voice.

If you create a "I will be your singer" gig, you are not showcasing production, songwriting, composing or instrument skills. You are selling your voice so make sure your voice is the first thing clients hear when they press play. As you may, or may not now, in the front screen of the search results page clients can NOT skip time on audio samples. They have to sit there and wait. Going into each gig to listen and skip to where the voice is is very annoying and time consuming. 

In conclusion, make sure your voice can be heard as soon as potential clients press play. You can add a fade in so its not so abrupt, but dont give us 30second intros of your song with absolutely no vocals in it.  Most of the time client are looking for a specific sound and they will know as soon as they hear it. Not doing this could mean a potential client might skip your gig and move on to the next one because they could not hear your voice....  I ended up skipping a couple for that same reason, so I know. 

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Agreed with @losantomusic

I look for singers, guitarists, bass players, horn players and more. I tend to hire Fiverr sellers who go right into it and do not have those long pauses in the beginning. I skip the musicians who have intros. Those people lose my business from the start. You can talk after if you'd like, but not before we heard your audio samples.

As mentioned by @losantomusic above, do not talk, have words showing in the first 5 seconds, have a splash screen, etc. Just a video of you singing from the first second with music and without.

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