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Buyer wants to acknowledge me in her book. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Hi everyone! I'm a new seller on Fiverr and I just finished my first order with a 5 star rating! The Buyer asked if she could put my name in her book under the Acknowledgements section because she appreciated the work. I accepted. Has anyone else had a similar request? If so, what did you do and why? Thanks for any info!! 

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Hello @omnilegentangel

WOW! This is amazing, thank you for sharing this and hearing it makes me excited about the endless opportunities we have. 

Also, congratulations on the first order, Five stars, and for beginning to sell on Fiverr. 

Could you share how long it took you to get your first sale? I beet it will help anybody else who reads this for inspiration and has that question in mind. 🙂

Will you add this amazing testimony to your skill to your Fiverr profile? 

Wishing you continued sales and five stars. 

Warm regards, 


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Thanks Everyone!! I was actually kind of surprised. Maybe once it's actually printed, I will share it as on my Fiverr profile. LOL. Ok, so here's my "road to my first sale" story: 

I joined Fiverr around May 25, 2022 and I decided to choose Beta Reading as my first gig. After takiing a little time to read over some Fiverr articles, do the Fiverr Seller video and watch a few Youtube videos from people who are either Fiverr Top Sellers or Fiverr Pro Sellers, I went ahead and made my first gig on July 1, 2022. Then...... I got NOTHING but crickets!! LOL. So, I came back to the Forum, read a few more things, watched a few more videos and went back to my gig and tweaked it by lowering my prices, adding in a video and putting more info in my description about the gig items (than about me). I started seeing impressions around July 3rd but no clicks. Some person had sent me a message (who wound up being a spammer) and my notifications were not working so I didn't know that I had a message. And because I didn't respond within 24 hours, my response rate went down to ZERO!! Bummer!!! After this, I went back and tweaked my gig again, hoping to get someone to message me so that my response rate would go up. I had a few more spammers (which FIVERR actually caught most of them and removed them from my message board before I could even respond). I also got two more spammers (but they actually weren't as blatant as the first two so Fiverr let them go through). I responded to them and at this point, I was back up to a 67% response rate. After waiting a day, I raised my prices about above what I was seeing as "bare minimum" FIVERR prices for the gig I was doing  (i.e., from about $5 for my Basic package to about $25), removed the video (because it wasn't showing MY face and MY voice but static pictures of other people doing things that I would be doing during the gig with an explanation of what I would be doing, because I just didn't have the time to do a video with ME actually doing all the talking), put more of what I was offering in my gig (on my actual profile cards), and changed my gig title. I also used all five gig tags. This was around July 6th or 7th. I saw something on one of the Youtube channels that I watch that's basically just about Fiverr and it stated that Fiverr may take a minute to re-process your gig (in order to start ranking it back in the algorithm) so its best not to continue making adjustments (but to let it go for about a week). Well, I didn't make any more adjustments to it and on July 10th, I had my first "real" click (i.e., an actual client vs a bunch of spammers). We talked back and forth for about a day and she placed her order on July 14th. However, she was having trouble uploading her documents and we both wound up sending messages to Fiverr for help. Because I'm a new seller, I found out that New Sellers kind of have to wait for help. It took them almost two days to get me the answer I needed to give to her so that she could upload her docs. I saved a copy (and good think I did because my next client ran into the same problem). Anyway, She uploaded her docs on July 16th but because she had sent me the message stating that she was haviing trouble uploading back on July 14th, Fiverr had already started the clock (stating that my buyer had sent in the required docs)! LOL. I requested an extension but my buyer didn't respond to the extension and because it was my first order, I just went ahead and worked day and night to get it done. I finished the project the morning it was due and that was that! I did get a tip so I took it as a way of accepting the fact that I had to rush the order and lose 2 days of "cushion" time to get it done. She thanked me, gave me the tip and accepted the order on July 27th. Now, I have to wait until August 10th to actually "keep" the payment? LOL. Well, that's the day it will be paid out. So..... sorry for the long story but I really wanted to show what MY process was like. I increased my prices during the time I was working on this project and got my next order (paid out at a higher rate for less work)! I do believe that putting in the effort to get my first order out on time AND doing it the way that I said it would be done was key. Currently, I just put up a sample (from the buyer's actual work product) that she gave me permission to use. Hopefully, this will increase the amount of sales I have but now, I think I have to wait a few days to start seeing impressions, clicks and (hopefully) a new order since updating the gig probably put me back into the queue for Fiverr to rank it again. I made two more gigs but one wasn't getting any impressions or clicks so I put it on pause. The other gig got a lot of impressions and a couple of clicks but I found that I was getting a LOT of spammers from that one. I haven't removed it but I'm thinking about removing it or at least tweaking it soon. After this second project is finished. Ok, that's it. If anyone has any more questions, I'm happy to answer them. 

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Additional info I forgot to add
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