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I have completed my first order


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11 hours ago, bigspaniard said:



Heck yeah! 

Were your sales found organically? Via Paid ads? Through your network? 

No matter where, this is huge. I hope you continue this inspiring pace.


Warm regards, 


Carlos (BigSpaniard)

Yeah it's totally organic . Thanks

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Congrats!! It's a great feeling when you complete your first order! I just completed my first order on July 25, 2022. My goal was to get a sale within the month of July and I DID IT!!! I actually got TWO sales but I haven't been paid yet and I'm currently working on the 2nd order. I'm just glad that all of my hard work in putting up my gigs and tweaking and re-tweaking worked. LOL. Congrats again! Now? On to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and beyond! 

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