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What can be a problem if there is a language barrier?


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In addition to working skills, you have to make yourself proficient in linguistics.

If there is a language problem it is almost impossible to speak politely to the customer. For example, if you want to speak politely to the customer, but because the grammar is not correct, you express it in a different way, which will make the customer feel annoyed.

Let's give a simple example You mean the buyer.

If you don't mind, can you give me the information you need?

But because of language barrier and may not understand grammar. you said

give me the information you need? => It's not polite, it means you're ordering him around. You should not talk to the buyer like this way. 


Mistakes like this will cause many buyers to turn away from you. who will like you But this mistake is due to your language barrier and without your own knowledge. Hope to keep language skills on par with job skills. Because you are working in the international market place.


Hope you'll increased your language skill.

Thank you

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