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I have created my gig, please tell me if it's good or need any changes


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4 hours ago, dawoodyaseen66 said:
  • There are typos and grammar issues all over your gig description. As a buyer, I wouldn't want to entrust such a task to someone who can't spell correctly, so this is a major red flag. I would keep working to improve my English skills and hire a proofreader.
  • Your gig thumbnail has a lot of "dead space". I suggest making the text bigger to increase readability on smartphones. 
  • A professional gig video can help increase trust, engagement, and drive conversions (sales)
  • Starting at a base price of 5 dollars is a big no-no, in my opinion. It makes you come across as unprofessional. I don't know any true professional who would even consider working for five dollars. Even if that package only includes some basic consultation, I would increase the price. Fiverr also prefers gigs with higher prices; Fiverr is in it to make a profit, and they will try to get buyers to spend more, not less. 
  • Your gig packaging is a bit confusing. Which package includes the actual setup of a company? If it's the 10-dollar package, how does that work when it costs 12 pounds at the Companies House to register in the first place? 
  • Don't offer unlimited revisions. It's a surefire way of getting buyers who will try to make you work for free. Besides, I would expect anyone I hire to set up my company to get it right the first time. It's sort of important. Crucial, I'd say. 
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