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New Here! Am looking for ways to improve my account/gig review 😊



Thanks for reading.

I am posting here because I would like to ask the seasoned pros of Fiverr a question on how to get more work on here.

For some reason, I cant submit buyer requests, and I am craving some songs to mix!

Are my prices too high?

Do I look unprofessional?Β 

The main thing is, I want to give people the best quality work at the lowest price but it seems that since I don't have much of a Fiverr reputation, it's tough even to get started.

Did you have these same issues when starting?

How did you overcome this hurdle?

I appreciate the answers in advance.

Hope you all are doing wellΒ 

Much Love

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Hi @deezonator,  I see that you are new to Fiverr and the forum, so welcome! 😊

It takes time to build a business and getting those first few orders are always the hardest. Buyer Requests were a good source of orders when I was first getting started. At first, I thought I didn't have any Buyer Requests because it was empty every time I checked. Then I found out that most of the Buyer Request were coming in when I was sleeping (I am in Japan, but most of my customers are in the US time zone). There's a lot of competition on Buyer Request for new sellers, so you have to act fast and write compelling offers to get an order. Only 1% of my offers turned into orders, but I only needed 2 orders from Buyer Requests to jump start my business. The rest came through organic traffic and repeat buyers. I think I've only gotten a total of 4 orders from Buyer Requests.

You can also use the forum to learn and grow your Fiverr business. You can get started by reading these articles here:






Please let me know if you want more articles or have questions!

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