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one order cancel zero work for the month

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2 hours ago, mohdirfhanap said:

when one of my buyer canceled my order after that i did not get any work here am very tensed 

Cancelations can hurt your chances of showing up in search results. Fiverr hates cancelations, so it's best to avoid them when possible. 

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I am sorry to hear about this. 

Can you share why it was canceled? Is there an opportunity for growth or learning that can come from it?

I will be the first to admit that sometimes there are people who are just flat out rude or unreasonable (fortunately they are few), but even in these situations I try to find some "Seller ROI". I made this up and it is the experience I learn from each and every sale, and the difficult ones (including cancelations) is where I gain the greatest opportunity for "Seller ROI".

Questions I ask myself:

  1. How could I have communicated better in my Gig?
  2. How could I have set better expectations once gig was ordered?
  3. How could I improve my craft so this could be avoided?
  4. Could a modification to my systems have turned this situation into a win?
  5. Could my communication or customer service have been better?

I hope this helps and I would love to strategize this out with you if it helps. 

Now regarding the stalled sales, what do you offer in your Gig? If i know somebody looking for this sort of work i will refer them to your Gig (hoping this is allowed to be asked here). 

Here to help if needed. 


Warm regards, 


Carlos (BigSpaniard)

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