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BEFORE You Buy Any backlink seo gigs please read this!


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I commented about this on a previous post but thought it was pertinent enough to have it’s own thread. After viewing the majority of seo gigs, conversing with sellers, reading feedbacks and even ordering a few on some tiered blogs of mine, I feel many buyers are a little uninformed. I understand people want to gain more visibility online and generally have limited budgets and do not have the capital to hire a legitimate seo expert (what is that these days anyways?) or firm to handle their organic seo campaigns. The next logical choice is to read up online and try to learn how to do this yourself. Yes backlinks are important but just ordering backlinks by the thousands won’t genrally get you ranked higher without knowing where to direct these backlinks, what kind of offsite and onsite content to build and other very important things to do to stand out from your competition. SEO is part science but mostly an Art. Creativity is key, I recommend seeking out an SEO “Artist” to help you generate a sound and effective strategy to get your webite ranked on the first page rather then jumping in blindly guns blazing without ever taking a fire arms class or two.

This is just my tip but I wish everyone on here the best!

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Reply to @shawnghani: Higher value page and more of a main level domain(aka closer to the main page) the higher value the backlink. Social signals are starting to become a source for building value to your page but aren’t really official “backlinks”. Backlinks are more valuable in your niche’ based on how Google understands it so clear meta-tags(title, description, keywords.) are a must. Consider dofollow links and avoid negative impact sites that are deemed as spam by Google(illegal, offensive, etc.). Consider getting backlink reports of competitors and use the same ones. Some people have 5 to 20 backlinks but since they’re of such high value their ranking is tremendously high.

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The backlink gigs on fiverr are good if you know how to monitor them, use them right and keep track of them all. I always recommend my clients to index all their backlinks as soon as they order them. You can use a free indexer like indexkings. They are really good (Don’t pay for an indexer). I also recommend all my clients use a monitoring service to keep track of which backlinks are giving them a SERP BOOST and which ones are actually HURTING their rankings. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Because if you get too many bad backlinks you might get delisted all together from Google. I recommend and use FRAGGLESROCK.com/ (just cut and copy into URL you will get a 30 day free trial without entering in any CC info and it’s only $20 a month which is a steal for what you get from it). I was paying $200 a month for SEO MOZ and Monitor is way better because it not only allows you to keep track of your keyword rankings but it also let’s you monitor your backlinks and let’s you DISAVOW all your bad ones with a click of a button. This helps you keep your SERP high without ever losing any rankings or risk getting delisted from Google.


Another way to get good backlinks is to use a service like FRAGGLESROCK and enter in your competitors URL’s (Generally the guys you want to pass up in the 1,2,3 positions for the keywords you are trying to rank for right?). This will allow you to see all their backlinks and mimic their strategies.

Another AWESOME way to RANK HIGH QUICK AND LEGIT is to make a really AWESOME Press Release (CREATIVITY NEEDED HERE) and release it on PRWEB.

With PRWEB you get your Press Release on:

Major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Major online news sites

Premium news outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and more through the Associated Press

More than 250,000 PRWeb news subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers

Anchor your keywords with links going back to your sites at the beginning and end of your Press Releases for maximum SERP juice. If your Press Release is good enough and get’s picked up by the big boys like NY Times USA Today etc. then you basically just struck gold in the world of back links. If not then you will still get picked up by local news websites and other various blogs, It’s good for about 800-1600 high quality PR7+ sites.

Also for those of you still learning this stuff there are DOFOLLOW backlinks and NOFOLLOW Backlinks. The DOFOLLOW backlinks are the ones you REALLY want although high quality NOFOLLOW backlinks still help, just not as much as the DOFOLLOW ones.

Try and get as many high quality .gov and .edu backlinks as you can because these are generally high quality sites and content (Naturally right?). Manually building backlinks can be time consuming also but it really helps.

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