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iam a new seller plz help


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17 hours ago, atiklogo said:

What do I need to do to get to work faster?

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. If you're here to "get fast work", then you are not here for the right reasons.

13 hours ago, robinhossain1 said:

try  to  active online

Being active on Fiverr does not guarantee more orders. Please stop sharing this false advice.

12 hours ago, bondhon_wp said:

You need to active.

No, sitting around, "being active all day" on Fiverr, does not guarantee orders. 

12 hours ago, niazseopro said:

daily active online

NO! What did I just write above? ⬆️

12 hours ago, mdrasedulislam5 said:

always be active

No. That is NOT how Fiverr works. Being online all the time does NOT guarantee more orders. 

11 hours ago, themebracket said:

You must be Fiverr active..... Then you will get the first order easily.

No, absolutely not. Sitting around, waiting for random orders is NOT how Fiverr sellers become successful.

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