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Buyer cancelled the order after getting the deliver!!



Hey Everyone, I am just so disappointed on what happened with me just now. I am working on fiverr from last 2 years and i completed almost 300 orders all of them with 5 stars rating, not even one order with 4.5 rating. I do a coaching lessons of a game called Apex legends. 3 days ago a guy came to me for a coaching of worth 300$. And we agreed to do 2 orders of 150$ each. I completed his work and delivered his order. In this category i got nothing to provide in order delivery session so i just type "order enclosed" and buyer approves the delivery . But in this case i have no idea what happened both of my orders got cancelled and i got flag warning from fiverr "2 times in a day" of delivering partial delivery or abusing delivery button. I got really confused and contacted buyer. He said he didn't cancelled the order and didn't got any refund. But in my email it is clearly mentioned that , payment refunded to buyer. Now i just lost my money and got warnings for no reason. Fiverr support should at least contact with sellers to confirm the status of delivery. I contacted fiverr support and waiting for reply from them.

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