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Epic bug, updating the gig on Fiverr app bug[HELP]


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So basically this is the second time that this happens to me.

I’ve contacted Fiverr support but as usual they take almost 5 years to respond (if they even did)

I have active gig and it is whiteboard animation gig here:


I was getting 2/3 customers per day, but now 0 because there is no video or portfolio video’s on my gig. Moreover, the description and extra’s isn’t updated. This bug is only on Fiverr application (on iPhone and probably on any mobile phone using their app), now when my customer left a feedback the video started showing on search but when you enter it disappears (happened exactly like that before)

So what can I do? It is been 3 days and it is not fixed… and Fiverr support team obviously will not have time to respond for my tickets.

I know terrible explanation but try to understand 😕

Thanks in advance

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