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Our Fiverr forum expirence

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The experience our company had over these past few days on this platform was unique, 
as we predicted, our name was the target and the focus of attention of some very active users of this small space of the web.
We had the best intention ad tried out best to be relevant and helpful to the community whit quality post from our web support team, we spent some time delivering quality information posted in a professional yet friendly manner. It looks like this was not the best approach for this forum.

The first mistake, intentional or not?
On our first 5 posts on the forum, after a long explanation of how to solve a specific problem, we signed ourselves and used a link that pointed to our Fiverr profile.
We read all the rules and terms of service of the forum, and we interpreted rule number 6, apparently in a not-so-correct way.
Shortly after our post gained some attention our friend @frank_d an active and motivated moderator of the platform jumped on our "newborn"  account eager to get some justice like the good graybeard paladin he is. Frank, is not the type of person who goes around shipping punishment just because he likes to do so, he is a moderator of the forum and as such, he needs to protect the community from users that are violenting the TOS.  He was summoned for the first time by the very active and almost omnipresent member that goes by the name of @vickiespencer, she is a good jedy and fights using full force to maintain a good reputation among all the users she linke on the forum, we asked ourself sometimes how can she be present in every corner of this platform, then we realized by watching her profile picture that she for sure have some advanced superpower.
As a good jedy, Vickie has a good plethora of friends he made along the way, and we think the only issue we had on this platform was this elite squad that goes around "bullying" (pass me this term please, we don't want you to quote it just to defend yourself we are not attacking anyone here just describing our experience) the newborn accounts. some of the names that we saw come to side on the elitist vision are for sure the famous @lloydsolutions, or the snitches @newsmike & @imagination7413.
We want to be honest here, we had much fun on the forum in the past few days, we suggest to the best moderators & admins on the platform like frank and @milos_sienato give maybe some short time window to actually solve the mistakes instead of issuing bans and restriction, and maybe evaluate better the situation around a specific post.

The second mistake was intentional. or also maybe not?

So as you can expect we got our first achievement point by frank_d for the previous mistake, ignorance is not tolerated in the eyes of the law, and this is correct.
We took the easy and most obvious route witch any other user should take in a situation like this, we opened a Fiverr ticket, and we first of all apologized for our mistake and told to the administrators that were not our intention to have a negative impression on the Fiverr elite community. We are not lions' keyboard warriors, we are just humans, and we make mistakes. We waited for our 24h restriction and as the first action, we took the time and resources to publicly apologize for the terrible mistake we made of posting a link, and in the end, we posted the following link.
HBFS-Studio as a little joke to laugh together at the end and we miscalculated the possible reaction by frank wich was furious and started throwing punches at the screen (not what happened).

The posts we made after that were all well written and polished for well over the Fiverr community standards guidelines, as much so that some users mistook us for a Fiverr official press, we are grateful for this compliment but we are nowhere near the Fiverr top-notch communication levels.
We also think that a possible reason for this problem was that now at the end of our signature we inserted the link to fiverr.com, this will lead the user to the personal dashboard, we made this for 2 reasons:

1) For us is a very fast shortcut to go to the fiver dashboard.
2) Is an incentive for the user that are wasting time and resources reading our jokes and explanation to get back to work on their fiver dashboard.

but in both of these cases, this link was inserted after the response ticked we received, so we all know how it's possible to insert a link in a forum post but they need to be related to the topic, not linking to your gig page (if posted in the casual conversation category), and need to be approved by the ELITE squad.
Jokes aside, here we collected more than 4 achievement red points thanks to milos_siena, he gave us much more so please frank, next time we want you to give us at least 5 points.

All these scenarios were not taken into consideration all the helpful insight we gave, but there are people dedicated only to finding the mistakes and making the users pay for them, we are flagged now as SPAMMERS, this will indicate that the moderator or admins haven't event took the time to read or review our post.

How did this experience is ended?
After the second restriction, we felt like someone was actively trying to sabotage us, but we wanted to have a laugh about it and continue whit our business life, so we made the mature desition to task our art team to develop a nice profile picture and we wanted to dedicate this to frank, which was not even directly involved in the second punishment but as we saw he liked to post what the youngsters now call "memes" in the forum we took inspiration from his profile picture and drawn on top a figure that vaguely reminiscent a character from the film "IT". We say this publicly @imagination7413 you have a spot on eyesight, you found the correct association between our artwork and frank picture, a very nice job we suggest you put up for sale in your gigs "I will find waldo in your picture".
Is this a childish move? probably yes.

We had fun doing it? definitely yes.
The other had fun seeing it? only some users. and for that we are sorry but you have to understand that is impossible to make all the people happy at the same time and for some people, our first apology was and never will be enough.
so what can we do about it?
Frank started to call us out and saying a company profile that has 0 sold items is for sure a company full of baloney, we took our time to analyze that and we started a massive laugh altogether, we truly think frank is on the next level, he caught our reference to the picture we made, and trowed in a clever joke about the word baloney that can be a resemblance of the word balon that is one of the main baits the protagonist of "IT" will use to attract the children on his nest. We got you frank, and we are proud of you.
I just want to throw this out as a possibility, what is the reason for us to do something like the things we did? is this our real Fiverr profile or we are secretly one of the members linked above? who know for sure what the reality is. what we can tell you for sure is that we are ready to take on any challenge and improve ourselves to be every day better at our job, and in the journey we make is our top priority to bring the people we meet in this adventure in our hearts.

What do you think about our experience? should we continue to post on the forum and help fight the elite squad or should we request to be banned and leave the platform once and for all?  React using the confused emoji if you are part of the elite squad or just hearth out the comment if you want us to stick around.


we know you clicked it.

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Moderators restricting accounts like yours is actually solving a problem.

I have no idea who you are and how old you are but your contribution on this platform isn’t what you think it is.

Trolls usually don’t last long here.

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I'm going to respond slightly more seriously.

9 hours ago, hbfs_studio said:

... the snitches [...] @imagination7413.

Yeah, I'll own up to that one. I am glad you (and your team) read the 2021 forum rules. Far too many don't. 

I think part of the problem you had was not 'reading the room'. You appeared suddenly with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. While the Fiverr forums are open to all, and welcome helpful advice and insight, this means there's NO barrier to entry, which in turn means we on the forums see a LOT of charlatans. Bluntly: we are sick of it. 

Yes, I'm a snitch.

The forums are a mess. Lies are spread and can't be stopped. I like helping people, and it's hard to counter lies when the lie is found everywhere. We on the forums come down hard on people and nitpick, because a lie is harder to kill than a cockroach and propagate just as fast. 

We don't know you. The only way we can know you is through your posts. Your posts were not lending a good impression.

Another part of your problem is the 'we'. I'm fully aware that there are several multi-person teams and companies on Fiverr, but most know it's smart to have a single person act as the 'spokesperson' for that team, and thus use 'I' as representative. Your posts sounded too close to what the Fiverr staff uses. This goes back to 'reading the room'.

Lastly (and this might have saved you some) cite your sources. As you are brand new to Fiverr, you have no credibility here. Yes, that's blunt, but I think clarity is more important in this case. Citing where you got your information would have given you a lot of credibility as it would have proven you A) know how to research, B) know how to discern credible sources, C) showed humility and that you were not trying to take credit, D) showed you know how to 'translate' data into insight, and E) would have shown that you invited discussion, debate, and correction. Citing your sources would also have proven that you were not parroting/piecemealing. 

9 hours ago, hbfs_studio said:

 @imagination7413 you have a spot on eyesight, you found the correct association between our artwork and frank picture, a very nice job we suggest you put up for sale in your gigs "I will find waldo in your picture".

I'll take that as a complement, though my specialty is finding plot-holes in stories.


Off-topic fun fact: outside of North America, it's Where's Wally

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17 hours ago, hbfs_studio said:

The experience our company had over these past few days on this platform was unique

@hbfs_studio,  I just wanted you to know that your experience isn't as unique as you think. Many people on the forum get called out and "flagged" by other forum users for m0derators to check out whenever there is a possible violation of forum rules or Fiverr ToS. Those that you mentioned as part of the "elite squad" are not immune to this treatment either. Please know that forum users are targeting behavior, and this isn't meant to be a personal attack on you. It doesn't turn personal unless you make it so.

I started posting actively on the forum in May and in June, my actions got flagged for possibly violating Fiverr ToS. Like you, I was just going about my business and had good intentions of being "helpful" on the forum. Like you, I had thoroughly read Fiverr TOS and the rules of the forum. The thread I was involved with escalated quickly, probably because I was unable to respond to all the comments for 24 hours  (I had exceeded my post limit for the day).

So I understand how it feels like to be flagged or face accusations by other forum members. Those aren't the nicest comments to read. And it doesn't help if you are unable to respond to the comments. Like you, there were some comments made in jest afterwards but that only further escalated the issue. As @newsmike mentioned at the time, if you joke about a bringing a bomb to an airport, you will be taken seriously. So I can see how your playful attempts to link drop and poke fun at others have been taken seriously - they do give the impression of defiance and violating the rules.

17 hours ago, hbfs_studio said:

What do you think about our experience? should we continue to post on the forum and help fight the elite squad or should we request to be banned and leave the platform once and for all? 

The best thing to do when things like that happen is to not take it personally, use it as a learning experience, and go on your merry and professional way. There are better things to do on the forum than keep issues like this alive. You might remember it, but most people will forget it.

I hope you also give the individuals you mentioned in your post another chance. Some of them were involved in calling me out last month, but I never took offense because we do need to clean up the forum and I learn so much from these forum members. 

I also questioned whether to stay on the forum, and I chose to stay. It's really up to you on what you do. Your first intention was to be helpful, and we do need more helpful people on the forum.

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23 hours ago, hbfs_studio said:

What do you think about our experience? should we continue to post on the forum and help fight the elite squad or should we request to be banned and leave the platform once and for all?  React using the confused emoji if you are part of the elite squad or just hearth out the comment if you want us to stick around.

I think you owe me $5 for having read your post 😉  (that's a joke, of course; you know that, but allow me to type out the emoji in words, as my own forum experience taught me that not everyone who uses internet forums knows their emoji; humour is generally a good thing, but can be dangerous, and sometimes is best only given out in homeopathic doses, especially on the web, where people don't hear your tone of voice, or see your facial expression, etc.).

More seriously, what I think, is that you should continue to post, if you want to be part of the community and contribute, but shouldn't fight anyone, there's more than enough fighting going on already in this world and the web, no? On any forum, you'll find people you get along with well, people who are just kind of there but you don't have any sort of feelings or stance towards them, people who remain faceless, people who fade in and out, and people you don't get well along with, for whatever reasons, and people you're better off ignoring.

However, mainly, I also think that you shouldn't base your decision on what "we" think, but on what you want to do. Thus, I also can't reply per emoji, as there is no :person shrugging: or :yin yang: or :peace: symbol available in the reaction emoji list, but had to type a comment instead.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take a moment to learn from it, say sorry if needed, and walk on, or walk out of the door, that's up to you.

If you stay, have fun, learn, and teach, but don't fight. 🕊️*


*fighting/disregarding community rules and having constructive arguments/giving your POVs on things, even if they clash with what other people think, even with what elite, veterans, "Grand Masters" or whatever other sempai say 😉, are different beasts. None of us are or behave perfect all the time, none of us know everything, all of us make mistakes from time to time, and we all know it. 

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