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Need some professional designer eyes here! (:


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Hello dear reader!  👋

   I'm a beginner - I do digital media stuff and I recently finished my portfolio website.

I just want to hear some professional advice if my portfolio work (under headline 'Portfolio' good enough for applying for jobs like e.g. Junior Digital Designer/Content Creator,... or if it still looks very unprofessional.

(I also consider to also be a freelancer for small projects here at fiverr some day.)

So, you need to know, I'm from Austria, therefore my website is written only in German language, but it would be very helpful, if you could take a glimpse at my WORK on my site, through DESIGNER / CONTENT CREATOR EYES 😉 & give me a short feedback.

--> What I already see through my eyes and not worth mentioning: I know, it's not a really good portfolio site (like one with case studies) and I have to learn the design software and practice.   


It would be very nice from you!





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