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5 hours ago, hanif_reza1 said:

Recently I got a brief message in my notification. I would like to know how it works on fiverr regularity. Thanks

Hi @hanif_reza1,

Once you get a notification of a brief, you will be taken to a page to review the brief. If you want to make an offer, you can submit an offer and you can see a copy of that offer in the inbox (just like normal custom offers, but it has a label "for this brief"). If the buyer likes your offer, they'll either accept your offer or chat with you in the inbox. Once the buyer decides on a seller (and if that seller is not you), you will see the offer button grayed out with "Offer Not Accepted." As a seller, you can also withdraw your offer at any time (or put an expiration on your offer). This is a nice feature that makes it different from Buyer Requests.

If your offer gets accepted, it'll be tagged as a "brief" order. I usually get 5 briefs a day, only make offers on 5 a week, and get 1-2 offers accepted each week.


Here's a view of the withdraw button:


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