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Does your routine change during the summer?


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With the weather getting gradually more and more unbearable, I find myself waking up much earlier than normal these days. Well, it's either the blinding light coming through the windows (need to get new curtains) or that, so... Granted, I'm in Sweden and the 'heat' so far is what, max. 25 degrees or so (so it has nothing on the actual heatwave) but obviously our place was built to trap the warmth in, not let it out!

Basically, I noticed that even though I was still on 'holiday'-ish up until now, my routine has shifted to waking up earlier, getting stuff done and then resting when it gets too hot to think. I will be going back to outside offices (hopefully with AC) this week, but there is a big part of me that loves this change. Having more time in the day means more time to brainstorm stuff both work and life-wise. 

So... my question today is simple: does your schedule change during the summer? Does it stay the same? 

(also, this IS your daily reminder to drink plenty of water!)

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Everything changes during my summertime!

Usually i sleep at 01.00am But its too hot now. Its cold enough for me to be comfortable at 2.00 am or something. 

But with warm weather, its time to take out my motorcycle! YEAAAA Now i go everywhere with my bike if im not gonna drink alcohol. That is fun! Altough i have to find places with shadows to park it. Or Its gonna burn my bum when i get back to it! And, i kinda met a woman, maybe she likes bike adventures trough the country too. Hmm ideas ideas 😆

I have a small yard in front of my place. I bought a grill so im gonna have some sausages and beers with my friends! That is a good plus in the summer. Its hard to find affordable pork in turkey. Its rare so they are REALLY expensive. But i have found a Christian butcher a little distance away. He has some good port sausages. It turns out whole Christian community in İstanbul kinda knows him. He is one of the limited port sellers here.

Lastly, i have stacked some really powerful sun protection stuff. Like Industrial level lotions and such, made to protect vampires and Uruk-hai's from sun. I have to remember to use them before going out to work each morning. Or ill be toast. This thing is easy to forget and easy to remember once i see my arms in the mirror 😕 

And i allways, allways forget to drink water. Its a principle



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1 hour ago, ozan_erdi said:

And i allways, allways forget to drink water. Its a principle

Eh, me too - but reminding people is how we make up for it, right? 
(jokes aside, hydrating is genuinely one of the hardest parts of adulting for me. I try to coldbrew tea for the morning as it's quite tasty and still counts as water technically but it's... not easy otherwise lol)

Having a yard is definitely a plus! I've been trying to find some beaches nearby for late afternoon walks/etc., thinking of maybe eating outside on the balcony when it's not too hot (to get some fresh air!) but obviously summer here so far is far from the real deal. 

I've never been on a motorcycle tbh, but I bet it's kind of nice because of the wind and all in the summer. Been on a tiny scooter in China but that's all 😄

Cooking has been kind of tricky as well because the kitchen gets really hot so for this week we tried to come up with simple stuff for the most part. I wish we had a grill though!

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I stopped having a routine when I became a freelancer 🙈 the only routine I have is Kaya toasts on Thursday’s mornings and answering clients messages every morning while I’m still in bed. 

And that’s the part that I love about freelancing, I don’t have to put myself on a schedule. I do check each evening what I have to do next day but I’m pretty flexible around it

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