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I've just taken a look at your gigs and the first thing you need to do is remove the stolen artwork of other artists' book covers from your profile. You didn't design those and using other people's work in your gig images is against Fiverr's terms and conditions and can get your account banned. Your work is not anything like the quality you are advertising which can only result in low reviews and eventually getting banned for false advertising and copyright infringement.

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It's very hot at the moment in many parts of the world, so more people may be taking holidays or taking it easy. That said, buyers are just active at different times. It is always in a state of flux. Some years, March might be my busiest month, and other years it could be my least busy month. Stop worrying about what buyers are doing, and instead, focus on what YOU can do to improve your gig and make your offering more appealing.

Learning to search through the forum is the best way to learn how to improve your gig, stats, orders, etc on Fiverr.
Since the same questions are posted every single day and hundreds of people have spent hundreds of hours answering them. 


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