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Promoted Gig Has No Impression


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1 hour ago, usamat1 said:

Hello, Fam....Please i don't know why my promoted Gig has No Impression since 5 hours ago...Can someone guide me on what to do so my ads problem can be solved 


Looking Forward to hear From You Please 

Even if you promote a gig, that's not a guarantee that Fiverr will promote it. Fiverr will promote the gigs when they think it matches what a buyer is looking for. Remember that you're competing against all the other gigs that are being promoted. Maybe someone else is bidding more per click than you, or perhaps their gig quality is better than yours. Fiverr will still select the best gigs, even if you pay for those clicks. 

Receiving negative feedback (both reviews and private feedback given to Fiverr) can affect your visibility on Fiverr, including how many promoted impressions you get. For that reason, it's vital that you deliver excellent service and work to your buyers, to maintain a high buyer satisfaction rate. 

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