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Fix problem with account passwords, mark automated messages

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  1. I wasn’t able to find a better place to notify the support of Fiverr that they have really annoying problem with login passwords: I use password generator and can successfully set a password like “XMaepVGsv7fz{S5bY”.R|"<cli"m+:J9"


    for my account, but cannot login with it. I see no error message, password is set, but why cannot I login? It should show an error message if the password is too long or contains invalid characters.



  2. I am new to FIverr, just bought my first gig yesterday and spent 15 minutes on the same problem, mentioned in this few months earlier:






    How should I know that this is an automated message is beyond me… For first time users this is really confusing and frustrating … good that Google was able to find the answer. Please find a way to mark is automatic, show the message in the feed … or maybe remove it, once it has been seen, because right know the user thinks that there is a message that is missing from the feed.




    [EDIT] Some characters in the password above cause this post to miss all characters until “n” is met… To reproduce the bug: Copy my post, delete the new line after the password and submit it … the rest of the post will be missing => suggestion 3: For your and our security please make sure that any user input is validated and sanitized

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