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Getting Orders!!! 👀 Where Are They Coming From?!!

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On 7/18/2022 at 11:04 AM, vickieito said:

As a seller, it's important to know where your orders are coming from so that you can know what areas you need to focus on in your business.

Fiverr makes this easier for those on Seller Plus - you can look at your 'Orders Breakdown' tab under 'Analytics' for each of your gigs. However, this view tends to lump different orders together and you still have to visit a separate tab to look at your repeat business scores.


So even if you're on Seller Plus, you should probably break your orders down even further by the different sources and then take a look at the data. I've been experimenting with these different sources of orders over the last few months to see how they impact my business. Let's take a look at them below:

Organic Traffic

These buyers find you through search. If you’re a good match, your gig will be visible to them. If your gig is attractive, they will click on it and decide if it meets their needs. They may or may not message you, so it's important that your descriptions and FAQs answer any questions that they may have. Your goal is to convert these into orders and then repeat orders.

“Regulars” or “Repeat Buyers”

For some reason this shows up in the "Organic Traffic" category. Your regulars are buyers that have already ordered from you once. They love your work and often value quality over a speedy delivery. Sometimes these will be your Fiverr Select or your Fiverr Business buyers. These buyers also buy from you regularly, so they keep your business going when business is slow. These buyers are also a great source of referrals.


Referrals are great because your buyers do all the marketing for you! When you deliver quality products and services, your buyers will naturally share your gig with others and you’ll start getting orders from their friends, family, and colleagues. One of my buyers even asked if it was okay if she shared my gig link with her friends on social media. Of course, I said “yes”! I got several orders from her free promotion. I love this because I'm never on social media.

Promoted Gigs

Promoted Gigs is a great way give your gigs higher visibility in search. You do have to pay for each click, but often the returns are well worth it. I just started Promoted Gigs about a month ago, and so far it is giving me over 10-11x in returns. I like how I can turn this on and off whenever I want to (I probably do this more often than most people – I turn it off when I sleep or when I’m not working). I should probably keep this on, but I don't like to promote if I'm not available.

Coupons or Custom Offers

I had to try coupons just for fun and I really don’t like it. I feel like it trains my customers into thinking that I’ll always give a discount. I'm already "weak" when it comes to prices, so I also feels like this creates another situation where I could get myself into a bad deal. Most of my customers are happy to pay full price with a tip, so I like to give them full-price custom offers instead – usually right after closing an order or when they request a quote. I use discounts and coupons sparingly, and always with care, since I know my tendency to go overboard on offering discounts.

Buyer Request & Buyer Briefs

These two are lumped into the same category on the Seller Plus Dashboard. There’s a lot of spammy Buyer Request & Buyer Briefs, so I don’t spend too much time on these. However, every now and then I do get good orders through Buyer Briefs. And Buyer Request can be a good source of orders when you are a New Seller, when your seller stats are low, or if your business is going slow.

Fiverr's Choice & Other Badges (Such as Rising Talent)

You’ll have to meet certain performance and quality metrics to qualify for these badges, but that’s why you get them! Although I haven’t gotten a Rising Talent badge, having a Fiverr’s Choice badge brought 4x more traffic to my gig than normal. So badges really do help your business! My busiest months have been when I have the Fiverr’s Choice badge.

Now let's share! Where are your orders coming from? And what are your favorite sources of orders?

For those of you who read through the whole post, you know that I like to hear from you! So I'll start this discussion - most of my orders come from my repeat buyers and my favorite sources of orders are my regular customers and referrals! It’s great to be “loved.” 😍

Looking forward to hearing from you!

How did you find this kind of panel ? Is this seller plus mode ? 

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Yes, the panel is part of the Seller Plus advanced analytics dashboard.

However, all the ways to get orders that are listed above (with the exception of coupons) are available to ALL sellers. Coupons are only available to Seller Plus members.

You can learn more about Seller Plus from the Help Center:


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7 hours ago, ashleymahan217 said:

I didn't know this, they have a coupon option?!

So, do you think the Fiverr Plus is worth the cost in the end? (for you personally - has it been profitable and beneficial?)

Hi @ashleymahan217, I have Seller Plus and I take advantage of all the features. It's great! You can go ahead and try it, and if you don't like it, you can always opt out of it. Here are some of the perks that you can get through Seller Plus:

  • A Success Manager (who you can email at any time, plus have monthly Zoom meetings with)
  • An advanced analytics dashboard (that includes the top keywords for your gigs)
  • Coupons to send to your customers (which is pretty effective for getting orders)
  • Quicker payments (you can choose to get paid as soon as your orders close)
  • "Negative keywords" ... where you can add words to your gig that will filter out unwanted buyers. I use the negative words such as "essay writing," "thesis," "Amazon review," and "erotica" for my writing and beta reading gigs.
  • A FREE month's access to CreativeLive's 2,000 courses (I decided to learn all of Adobe's products...those courses are easily $100 each)
  • If you use Buyer Request, you will have a badge on your offers and can make 20 offers/day
  • You get Buyer Insights on each buyer that you chat with (i.e. how often they tip, the amount they spend on each order, what they usually order, their order completion rate, what ratings they give their sellers, and more)
  • And much more

Here's the link about Seller Plus from the Help Center:


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