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Mutual Cancellation bug on old orders


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Mutual Cancellation bug on old orders. Mentioned this a while ago, but basically. I had two pending orders… from literally years ago. Up until not too long ago I couldn’t do anything with them. I had put in a mutual cancellation on both requests on gigs that don’t exist anymore. Right now they have been pending for over a month. Each day that passes rather than the counter going down, it goes up a day. So at the moment it says that the order will cancel in 1 month. Tomorrow it will be 31 days, then 32, then so on and so forth. Anyone know enough about counters that I should worry if this # gets too high? Eventually I feel it’s going to get quite screwy.

I did contact CS… quite a while ago. They said they were “working on it” about 3 weeks ago. Basically this is just a kind of updated warning to those that might have been here a while with pending orders where the buyer never submitted info. I would just leave them sit like that. I have the option to “cancel” the mutual request but since it’s marked as “LATE” it may leave a permanent “buyer delivered late” on a gig that doesn’t exist and ultimately ruin my 100% feedback because of broken coding. sigh

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