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Skill or Experience.


Skill or Experience  

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  1. 1. Which is more important Skill or Experience?

    • Skill
    • Experience

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Actually I think we should gain best work skill. Skill can change our life. If we have well skilled then we can reach in our goal. At first we need upgrade our skill in next level. After gain skill we can work for our clients and we will got the experience.

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I would say experience. 

In todays world, skills can be aquiried trough many means of systems. You can read, watch, take courses and practise. It just needs determination without any risks. 

But for experience, you have to expose yourself to the world. Take risks and do some jobs with people. Without skills you will fail at the start but eventually you will start to do fine with what you have learned while failing(thus the experience giving you a hand) But without experience you will never get anywhere. Experience prepares you for suprises.

You can be the best javelin thrower in the world. But you will never get any medals without participating to a contest.

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I guess we could shift it a bit to look at it like "Practice beats talent when talent doesn't practice." Maybe experience beats skill when skill isn't experienced?
I'm not saying that's true, I'm just throwing it out there for debate. Experience and skill are both very vague terms that we can each have our own definitions of.
But, skill could be more likely to run into pitfalls that experience might not.
To draw from sports, I suppose we could also say experience creates a floor (minimum results), and skill creates a ceiling (maximum results).

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There's a line I heard or read, and I can't remember the exact quote, but it went something like: 'old soldiers are the most dangerous, because they lived to be old'.

Never underappreciate skill/talent, but also never underestimate experience. Skill can be delicate, especially in young people, especially under pressure. There are FAR too many talented burnouts. Experience can get complacent, especially in today's every shifting global economy. There are FAR too many has-beens who couldn't or wouldn't adapt.

Sustainable business is a marathon, not a sprint. Both skill and experience are needed. BUT this is where self-awareness and leadership comes in. Discernment to acknowledge one's shortcomings and to find other people (skill/experience) that can cover that gap, and which they need more.

It's a cycle of specialization.

We as freelancers are both provider and consumer. And before you think 'I do all my work myself', consider: Do you also have the skill/experience to grow the apple tree and make the juice? Or, on a far smaller scale, do you have the time/understanding to do your own taxes? Or clean?

We as humans rely on others skill/experience to cover the gaps in our own. We all have the same number of hours in a day. 

Which is more important? Both.

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I believe we are living at the end of a bridge era that moved the balance from one to the other.

In the past (namely 20th century) education, especially advanced education, was a privilege available only for the most affluent. A slow change tipped the balance towards the world we live in nowadays: education is somehting (even if not available to everyone) widespread if compared to 100 years ago, so the more distinguishing "trait" might have become the experience, especially in highly competitive markets.

The question @frank_d raised is also quite relevant, because the original topic didn't factor in soft skills, that really have a role in everyone's career (and life).

But at the end of the day it really depends on your field, country, personality (and the list could go on forever)... So maybe there is not a really correct answer.

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