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How can I convert my impressions to click?


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18 minutes ago, vintechnology said:

Please I have over 690 impression by just 6 clicks. I don't know what's happening. Someone should assist me.

This might help: 

Also, make sure to not follow bad advice given on the forum. Check that people who give you advice have actual experience and success on Fiverr. 

P.S. Telling people what they should do, like you have a "right" to get help, is not very polite. You're not entitled to get help. We're all volunteers and fellow sellers on the forum. A better thing to say would be "Can someone please help me?"

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12 hours ago, vintechnology said:

I don't really understand what you meant?

You get impressions when your gig is searched and viewed by the buyers and when they click on your gig, these are notified and show on your gig. You should focus to promote your gig in search results so that more traffic may come to your gig and more orders you can achieve. Remember, working on this platform is unending struggle. It is then we get unending success.

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