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48 minutes ago, rvdprojects said:

Could you please support basic markdown hyperlink in Gigs description ?


How do you plan on sending a quote via e-mail to your buyer? You're not allowed to share contact information with other members on Fiverr, unless it's required to complete the service you're selling and only inside the order page. Not adhering to this will get you in trouble. 

Fiverr has its own system for "quotes" called a "custom offer". You set that up in the chat here on Fiverr. You're not supposed to communicate outside of Fiverr. All orders, transactions and so on must be kept on Fiverr. You should read the terms you agreed to when signing up for an account: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service

I also think you've misunderstood how your gig is meant to work: you set up a gig with a service and then you sell that service. Sure, you can set up custom offers for things like consultations, but I think you should learn a bit more about how Fiverr works before you publish your gig at this point. 

I don't think many buyers will want to pay a new seller for a "consultation" when they can just write any seller on Fiverr in chat and get a price for their project with a custom offer. 


P.S. It's "development". Not "developpement". 

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