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Why there is no Orders for Graphics designer?



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Simple: there is always work in every category and niche and especially in graphic design. You have an advantage over other category sellers because you are a designer and you should know what works for you and attracts your clients as your target audience and you can design it yourself for you own images. 
If you can’t attract clients then, well, I have bad news, you need to take a hard look at your gig and if you work is up to date and up to a standard. 

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On your profile, you talk about finding new ways to experiment, etc. - but you only have a very sort of... basic, almost 'bland' gig up. I MIGHT be expecting too much (graphic designer, tell me if I am) but wouldn't you want to offer more things? Anything from editing in PS TO the brochures, posters, etc you can do to who knows how many other things. 

My point is that a lot of 'designers' seem to narrow what they offer down way too much. If you are capable of doing something great, why not show it? 

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