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How can i begin selling on fiverr as a professional dancer and get first order quickly


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On 7/15/2022 at 4:59 AM, hill_mhi said:

How can i get started on fiverr please


you have received two reviews already and that's great. 

here are a few tips though -

gig title: 

  1. create or record instead of doing a dance video
  2. don't repeat the same phrase 'tik tok dance'. it won't help one bit.
  3. don't write headings like ABOUT THIS GIG. fiverr does that already.

gig description:

  1. your gig description is kind of empty. they're in the right place... so what? keep it short, but offer something. 
  2. 5r allows sharing YT and vim*o links in gig description. you can use them as portfolio.
  3. if you can create unique dance steps aka choreograph new trends, offer those. 
  4. create gigs targeting other platforms like IG, YT, etc. 


  1. you offer multiple dancers in higher packages, so maybe, include some in your sample vids as well?
  2. edit the video and preview image? check successful gigs in your categories to understand what works. 

none of these are guaranteed to help so try at your own risk.

keep up the great work.


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