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How do i get the first order?


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Fiverr has breaking changes every year.


But when I was new, I got first order from BUYER REQUEST page.

I sent client offer and he contacted me and I satisfied him by answering all questions he asked.

Price was too low i.e $5. But when he noticed good performance, he gave me more order $15.

and it continued and I earned 65$ in total from more orders.


So first build good profile with all details including.

Then atleast finish 10 orders with 5/5 star rating.

Then continue to snatch big orders. If no success, than its better to have something than nothing.

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This thread is like a greatest hits version of everything your not suppose to do. 

Track 1 - Stay online 24/7

Track 2 - Send lots of buyer requests 

Track 3 - Share your gig on social media.

Track 4 - Make 7 gigs. 

I don't recommend buying the album as it is stuck on repeat..

Stick to the advise below.  

On 7/17/2022 at 11:19 AM, lloydsolutions said:

Ignore all of this "stay online" nonsense being spammed all over the forum, mainly by new sellers with few or NO SALES!

Start by reading this: 



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