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suddenly all my gigs goes last page


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Hello experts,

i need your help 🤕

i am level 2 seller in fiverr. I was at the first page on fiverr and always get positive reviews and no warning everything perfect  But  all my gigs became suddenly on the very last page. It was about 2 weeks  till now and no any help.  my impression goes down to 14k to 5k ( No new orders , no messages ) . fiverr is my only earnings. two orders in queue their my daily client

What should I do now? 😞 

i am looking experts suggesion to solve this problem

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1 hour ago, akeelaashath031 said:

fiverr is my only earnings.

Well, that’s not very smart 🤷‍♀️ You bet everything in a volatile algorithm and betting on other sellers delivering worse work than you do. That never works as a sustainable business and income model. 

But here is an article for you to read and how to fix it 


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