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I'm a buyer. How can I see my overall rating that sellers have given me?


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Hi @heynewt,

Short answer: No, sellers will not be able to see your overall rating on your profile as a buyer. This view is only available for sellers. (see long answer below)


Long answer: Here's what sellers will see about you if you are only a buyer (not a seller) on Fiverr:

1. Sellers will not be able to find you in search by your user name.


2. The only way a seller can see your overall rating is if you initiate contact with the seller. They will then be able to see your overall rating in their inbox (in the right side bar).


3. If they click on the hyperlinked number of orders, that will take the Seller to your profile page. As you can see, the only thing that shows up is the buyer's name. The overall rating is not shown on a buyer's profile like on a seller's profile. Sellers can review individual orders on the right hand side to see what other sellers have to say about this buyer. As a seller, I usually don't put much effort into detailing my experiences with my buyers - unless I've had a really good or really bad experience with my buyer.


4. If the seller is on the Seller Plus program, the seller will be able to see more about your buying habits. Note: as a seller I'm shown a "With you" view and "On Fiverr" view of my buyers. It's set to "All time" in the image below, but there is also a view in the drop down to see my buyer's last 60 days of activity.


5. As you can see, there's a lot of information about you (the buyer) that a seller can see in the Seller Plus view. As a buyer, you can choose not to share this information. Just go to your profile and at the very bottom, will be this box:


Click on "Manage settings" and select what information you want to share with your sellers.


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