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Opinions on my gig?


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37 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Posting Fiverr links is not allowed in this category.

It is Improve My Gig if you want help and My Fiverr Gigs to advertise. (links allowed)

Apologies, did not know this. I wish I could edit to remove the link haha. Thanks for the heads up.

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Hey Nick! 

I took a look at your thumbnails. I'm by no means a designer, and I actually hired a designer here on Fiverr to do mine (we're both VOs). 

With that said, my first impression is that your thumbnails are not professionally designed. They are not ugly. But they aren't great. 

I'm not 100% happy with my own and they are made by a professional designer. I can't design myself, but I know what I like when I see it. 

Here are the specific issues I have with yours: 

  • They are very green. Perhaps a bit..too green? 
  • The font and background is very 90s. 
  • The clip art microphone is also very 90s. 
  • The photo of you could be of better quality. It's way better than having no photo at all, but I would perhaps hire a pro photographer or a friend who's great with a camera, find some nice location in the later afternoon/early evening light outside, and get some better photos taken. I think it's the lighting that ruins them for me. Very "office" lighting reflecting off of you. 

On a different point: I'd increase my rates right away. 5-dollar-gigs attracts the worst buyers. The first word I saw was "CHEAP". That's a big no-no in my book.

Cheap means low quality. Cheap comes across as being flimsy. Without value. If your value proposition is that you have great rates, how about trying the word "affordable" instead? It's gentle, positive, and doesn't give the same bad connotations as "cheap". But please, don't sell anything for five dollars – your time and skills are worth more. 

Your current thumbnails get the message across. So you have a starting point with your layout, though.

Hope this helps! And I don't mean to be negative or anything. But you asked, so this is only meant as constructive criticism. Again, I'm no designer. These are just my two cents on them. 

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Bump, looking for feedback!

I guess you could say I'm just always looking for ways to improve, and I'm picky with myself lol. Orders are a bit slower this month, and I just rebranded my gig images, so I wanted some feedback from another person's eyes rather than mine haha (because of course, we *think* we know what works, but in the end it sometimes doesn't until we get some outside feedback). 

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