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What do you think about DALL-E, will it take over the world?


What do you think about DALL-E, is AI creating images the future?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about DALL-E, is AI creating images the future?

    • Yes! Soon we will all use it for different things
    • No way, it will stay low key and only use amateurs

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Very dark topic, i like it.

It would be arrogant to say that technology cannot surpass human craftsmanship. Specially when you think "creativity" is something we do with inspiration. Human mind cannot create something out of nothing(whoever opposes this, can create a new color that has never seen before and i will be on my way out), we allways look up to nature or the designs done before us. An AI can do it too. An AI can mix and match different sources and create something new.

To what extend? How precise can it get? That is a question for the near future. Maybe an artist would take over what AI designed, do the touch ups and finish the product. I have already recieved couple of orders from some buyers just like that. Unless a client needs a spesific artists or designers vision, AI can do it.

But all this was about "design" not art.

Art is something totally different. A robot wouldnt do art unless it was ordered to. Art is a reflection of emotions and toughts. Which a robot cannot have(at least our understanding of AI right now) But surely it can imitate art, that is not a question. But a true art would still be performed by humans.


Needlesly to say; in the future, majority of human professions would be circling around sub-classes of robotic engineers, mechanical engineers and software egineers, artists, athletes or maybe administrators. Those would be the lower class professions. Higher class professions would decide how would/should robots and AI act in different situations, like cyber law. Rest would be considered traditional or handmade exotic services/goods 

That is my opinion. Which i must say, not very colorful 🙂 

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On 7/13/2022 at 9:59 AM, n_benzbar said:

Is AI creating images going to become our future?

It's going to become more common in the future I think, with more of it added to more apps.

For DALL-E2 though (which according to Wikipedia uses a modified version of the GPT-3 language model) a big problem might be rights (and the same with various language models probably). If it was trained using millions of images and text scraped from the internet surely there could be copyright issues with it (depending on the rights of the images etc. scraped). If you used it would you really own the copyright to what it created? Maybe there could be copyright lawsuits related to it. Also maybe multiple people could be given the same (or almost the same) images from it by using the same/similar text.

Also I think DALLE-E2 is limited to 1024x1024 pixels and can have problems with eyes and hands and negatives (eg. "no stars"). On youtube someone used it to create images for a short test ebook but the characters in it looked different and inconsistent in each image. There may be other AIs that are better though and they'll likely improve this one too. But I think copyright is one of the main issues.


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Well, is true that human mind create things from what it has experimented, taken inspiration of other works but beign able to create something totally new. AI's works in a similar fashion, but i don't think they will surpass the ability to realy create as the algorythms they use usually learn from user behaviors and take "borrowed" pieces from other works.

So, unless they develop a real AI with self conciusness i can hardly see it. Also, would love to see how DALL-E2 reacts to a client when some minor and specific changes are requested 😅

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On 8/22/2022 at 1:46 AM, paulamit said:

"Ai will take over Graphic Designers", sounds like calculators will take over mathematician. 

They probbly will, eventually.

Im sure a guy in the classical roman era never has tought of a V8 engine. But it happened. It has 300000 horse power or whatever riddicilous number. Which is equal to a mythology monster in those times.

Technology related improvements will happen. Maybe not today. But it will. It only takes one A.I that can design other A.I's. After that see how fast that can happen.

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