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Commercial and Broadcast Rights for voices in games


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Hello there! Our team is working on a game and we are hoping to recruit some voice actors via fiverr. However, we have some questions about what rights we will need to purchase for our project. We are working on a game for PC and possibly additional platforms, and are looking for voice actors to give some 1-2 minute sound samples of various voice lines. I am certain we need to purchase the rights for this, but I am not quite sure if we need commercial or full broadcast rights, or both?

As far as I understand it seems that we only need commercial. But I do worry: if an advertisement for the game contained the voice lines we pay someone for, will that mean we need full broadcast rights to put that ad on youtube? On steam? Facebook, etc? What if we don't use their voice in any advertisements, but someone streams the game on twitch, for example? That's another person entirely showing it off, so I don't think that would be something we need to worry about, but I want to be totally sure.

I've tried googling this and I've gotten some good answers, but none about games and game trailers, specifically. If anyone can help to explain how this would work, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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